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Why should you work with a new blog?
– First of all, I prefer the term fresh. Although yes, Tropics to Tundra is a very new site. But as a writer, I have over 5 years of web content experience. My previous blogs, Pandelicious and Epic Potato had over 2,000 subscribers and 500,000 yearly unique site views. With both sites I have provided well-written sponsored posts and great content for many travel related brands. That said, until now, blogging has never really been a top priority, and after college I needed to direct my focus on to other things. However, not long after I realized I miss blogging and that I enjoy writing a lot. So I decided to re-brand and create a new website that better reflects my values and identity.

My Competencies and Strengths
– I may have only been to 15 countries but I made sure to fully immerse myself in every new place I go to.
That said, my travel style has ranged from;

– solo female travel (even in a declared terrorist area)
– budget travel
– adventure travel
– business class/ luxury travel
– ethical/ cultural travel
– summer work experience (for students)
– language immersion (for students)

And while I do not claim to be an authority on sustainability, conservation, nor eco-tourism, I still want to share the things that I learn while being a student. I find that writing about geology, history, geography, and biology adds a layer of knowledge apart from providing how-to guides and hotel reviews. Hopefully it helps readers plan their travels with a biocentric point of view.

How we can work together:
– I can provide a bevy of marketing products that suit your brand.
You can choose to put these on Tropics to Tundra:

– Banner Ads/ Paid Links
– Affiliate Marketing Ads

Or hire me to do:

– Product Reviews
– Sponsored Posts
– Brand Ambassadorships
– Social Media Promotions

I can also do Feature/ Article Writing, please send me a message to view my portfolio.

And if you are planning to travel and looking for some help? I can provide Travel Consultations for your future holiday.
Things like visas, tips on how to find cheap fares, even creating a personalized itinerary based on your preferences.

If I feel like I can’t help or I lack professional knowledge? I won’t charge you and we will learn about your destination together.

Tropics to Tundra Media Kit:

tropics to tundra media kit