Have you noticed these four travel trends?

Travel is what turns life into an exciting adventure. Over the years, several travel trends have come and go, and many are still to come. Change is inevitable as they say. Here are the top 4 travel trends that are shaping 2019.

1. More people are exploring the world

The numbers don’t lie. In 2017 alone, travel and tourism contributed 8.7 trillion dollars to the world economy. This figure points to how travel is gradually shifting from a luxury to a necessity for many of us. Individual traveller budgets are also burgeoning; the average travel budget for vacationers in the US is $6,080.

Millions of travellers are visiting well-established destinations, but many are also veering off the beaten path. African destinations like Namibia and Angola, for instance, are luring those that want to write their stories in the least known corners of the world. In health tourism, surgeons and doctors are offering cheap services and attracting baby boomers to destinations like Malaysia, Thailand, and Panama.

2. Travel is now an incentive at work

Among the fringe benefits that many of us want as part of our job packages is travel. Bleisure travel has always existed, but soon this trend is coming to full blossom. Half of all millennials and Generation Z employees would reject a job offer that doesn’t allow them to travel frequently.

While older generations are more fascinated by digital innovations, millennials were born in the era, and digital know-how is like second nature to them. They want more, and that always comes in terms of new trends in food, education, work (digital nomadism) and travel.

Instagram is a leading travel ambassador for many. There are always so many posts from exotic locations by friends and acquaintances, sparking a wanderlust that gets us on the road.

3. Mobile technology is disruptive now more than ever

Many people can comfortably research, plan, and book a full trip on their phones. That means that travel agents need to be able to offer text and voice support through the process. In the US, 70% of all users always carry their mobile devices when they travel.

The idea of a quiet escape is now an oxymoron. While most of us want an immersive experience in a remote corner of the world, we still hate places with bad Wi-Fi connections. We also won’t hesitate to bring their selfie sticks out at museums or tweet as we hike.

4. Digital nomadism

Digital nomadism is another face of professional tourism that is slowly taking over the world. In the driver’s seat are young people aged 18 to 30 years. Instead of doing a 9 to 5 in their cities, many workers are becoming nomadic and completing their jobs remotely, with the main benefits including the live and work where you use (65%).

These four trends are currently giving travel an overhaul, but the future remains unknown. It is for us to hop on the plane and find out what lies in the world yonder.

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