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The way Tropics to Tundra came about is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me, I came from a far away country in the South- East Asia called the Philippines. Now I am here in Montréal, a city with so much joie de vivre. Evidently, it’s also really French- I speak it somewhat, but people tell me I have an accent, and I still make a lot of mistakes. I think everyday is a chance to learn so I keep listening to Les Trois Accords and practicing my grammar with the cat.

Eventually Tropics to Tundra is going to have a twin site called des tropiques à la toundra.
That’s a lot of work though so I’ll be keeping it for later.

In here, I write about nothing except travel. And I say write but really it’s more like violently assaulting my tiny brain, like wringing a tiny drop of whiskey from a hundred thousand squished corn kernels. I’m not the most self-disciplined person so it does take a while to get me started on a post, and even eons to get me to finish- just like the ice sheets in the Tundra, I like to move at a glacial pace.

Oh great- another travel blog.

I get it everyone has one nowadays, I also like to groan about how travel is the only commodity so glorified that a lot of people think about like it’s almost a religion. But my self-awareness can only go so far, and hey, it is never really just about visiting one place but a compendium of banal and trivial things.

In the interest of complete transparency, I want to point out that even if I came from the Tropics, I’ve really only gone half-way to the Tundra- I flew over Greenland if that counts, but I do have conflicting feelings about wanting to visit the Arctic, knowing it’s much better off without tourists. I might write about sustainable travels, responsible tourism- only an oxymoron to the most cynical of people, I promise- because I feel very much aligned to share what I’ve been learning in school.

Hopefully, my website, Tropics to Tundra, counts as a part-time job in my field- maintaining a blog is no joke! There’s lot of thankless, unpaid, often derided, work! It’ll probably get more technical and science-y in the future, hope you like academic papers reviewed in wry humour!

Well, anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Your readership is always profoundly appreciated. 🙂